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2014 Registration


Welcome to the Bow River Bruins Hockey Association  
 2014/15 season Registration.

Please follow these steps to complete your registration:


1.       Please review the waiver document in detail, it is important you clearly understand its contents.
           Answer ALL the questions in the online process, as your registration will be considered

INCOMPLETE if every question is not completed.

2. If you have previously registered your child for Hockey with Bow River you will need to obtain the login information and password before starting over again.   PLEASE DO NOT add your child again.  Contact our administrator if you have any issues.
A great deal of time has been spent cleaning up the system and we require your assistance in maintaining the data. Duplicate player information will delay your registration and may ultimately impact the player’s pre-seed group assignment at the beginning of evaluations.  If you need your login information, please contact administration.
3.       Make sure you read and understand the volunteer commitment.
4.       Make sure you read and understand the new Volunteer section.
5. If you are a BANTAM or MIDGET aged player and are trying out for NWCAA,
     you are required to

Fill out a Credit Card Authorization Form, signed and emailed to
Your registration will not be considered complete until this received. 
Click here to obtain the form.

6.       If you are new to the association, you will need to mail in a copy of your child(s) birth certificate.  to be kept on file for proof of age
7. BRBHA runs a very successful house league for Novice and Atom aged players.
Please review the house league information via the following link to decide if this is the program is better fit” for your child.


Conditioning Camp 2014
Every year The Bow River Bruins Hockey Association offers a conditioning camp for our members Novice to Midget to prepare for the evaluation process. The cost of this camp is $150.00 and runs the last week of August. This camp is mainly for our kids to get their "hockey legs" back and get in shape before evaluations start. This camp is recommended to players that have not played any hockey in the off season and need to condition themselves for evaluations. See the schedule on the left for times and dates. This option is available during registration if you wish to sign up.
 Please note that spots are limited to 30 per group
Season Fees for 2014 / 15 Season
Level Birth Year Registration Fee Late Fee added After
July 15th
Late Fee added after     
August 15th
Timbits 2008-2009 $610 N/A N/A
Novice Minor Hockey Program 2006-2007 $860 $100 $100
Novice House League 2006-2007 $680 N/A N/A
Atom Minor Hockey Program 2004-2005 $910 $100 $100
Atom House League 2004-2005 $680 N/A N/A
Pee Wee 2002-2003 $960 $100 $100
Pee Wee House League 2002-2003 $780 N/A N/A
Bantam 2000-2001 $995 $100 $100
Midget 1999-1998-1997 $1015 N/A N/A

Registration Information

All players and goaltenders registering for the Bow River Bruins Hockey Association (“BRBHA”) must meet eligibility requirements. Specific detailed information is available through Hockey Calgary.
All players and goaltenders must be 5 to 17 years of age as of December 31st. Proof of age must be provided upon request.
All players and goaltenders must be permanent residents as defined in our boundaries and must live there with one of their parents or legal guardian OR have a release from their assigned association and Hockey Calgary. Releases must be submitted at the time of registration.
If you are moving into the boundaries of Bow River from anywhere in Canada (Including the city of Calgary) where your child has played minor hockey you will need to have your child transferred to Bow River in the HCR ( Hockey Canada Registry) Please contact the Bow River Administration to implement this process.  Note that “Proof of Residency” must be provided upon request as per Hockey Calgary’s rules and regulations.

The BRBHA boundaries include:
Lynx Ridge
Point McKay
Rocky Ridge
Royal Oak
Valley Ridge
Bearspaw is no longer in the boundaries of Bow River and must register with:
 Cochrane Hockey Association

Cougar Ridge no longer in the boundaries of Bow River and must register with:
 Springbank Hockey Association
(Unless you are Bantam or Midget age and wish to stay in Bow River)
Last registration begins July 15th, 2014 at 11:59pm. A second late fee of another $100.00 to make the total late fee of $200 will go into effect on August 15th, 2014. There are no late fees for Timbit players or House League players that are new to Bow River.
Bingo Credit
Bingos can be worked in lieu of registration fees during the period of June 30 – August 31 each year. A $50 credit will be applied for each facility bingo worked during this period.
Flames Even Strength Program
The Flames Even Strength Program is available to assist families with the financial cost of registration. You must apply and qualify for this program. FESP will pay a percentage of your fees if qualification is successful.
Click here to download FESP Form.
KidSport Calgary
KidSport will pay a percentage of money to go towards equipment only. KidSport does not help cover fees.
Again, you must apply to qualify for this program as well.
Click here to download KidSport Form.

The RIS is a mandatory program under the playing rules and regulations of Hockey Calgary. One parent must complete this 1 hour online program. The program does not need to be completed for each child registered – it only needs to be completed once.
You can access this site through the Hockey Calgary website. When you first enter the system you will be required to create a profile. Be sure to enter all of your child’s information (each child registered) as this will get tied back to each players profile in the Hockey Canada Registry. Players are not able to participate in the season until this program has been completed.
If you did the RIS program under Hockey Calgary previously then you do not need to do it again. If you have completed an RIS program with another organization other than Hockey Calgary you will need to complete this.
How to retrieve your RIS number
If you need to retrieve your RIS number log into the Hockey Calgary site at and click on the picture of “Respect in Sport” that is located near the bottom of the page.
Then click “Visit the Respect in Sport Online Course” link. The RIS program will open up. At the bottom of the page click “Looking for your Certification Number?” link. Enter the name and date of birth of the person who took the course and it will give you your certification number. In the Respect in Sport program there is a portion of the course under profile called Child Management. Add any children that you are registering in hockey. This is to ensure that the course certification number gets attached to their profile.
The BRBHA does not have access to this information on your behalf.
If you want your player to be fully registered immediately the easiest way to accomplish this is to register online and pay by credit card.
Credit Card Option Only  – Visa  or MasterCard
Due to the security issues with credit card payments you can only pay by credit card via the online process.
Please Note: You can select FULL PAYMENT which  will be processed immediately
 Installments for June, July, August, September, October, November.
All fees must be completed by November 15 or your registration could be revoked..
Tips for Registration
To avoid the late fees be sure to be registered on-line before July 15st, 2014

Fee refunds for non-injury withdrawal will be provided as outlined in the bylaws of the BRBHA as follows:
- notice provided before August 15th  - Fee less $25
          - notice provided before October 1 – Fee less $150
          - notice provided before December 1 – Fee less $300
          - notice provided after December 1 – no refund will be provided

Fee refunds for injury related withdrawal will be provided as follows:
          - Fee (less $150) prorated by month over the remainder of the season.  No refund after February 1. 
          - Notice of injury refunds must be accompanied by a physician’s letter outlining the injury.
Non Payment of Fees
Families that have any outstanding fees from a previous season
will NOT be able to register until your account is paid in full. 
Call the Administrator at 403-208-9667 to discuss your receivable.

Contact Information
Email -
Phone – 403-208-9667
Bow River Bruins Hockey Association
P.O. Box 1793, Station Main
Okotoks, AB  T1S 1B6

Volunteer Requirement
The Bow River Bruins Hockey Association (“BRBHA”) is a non-profit hockey association that is run through a volunteer board of directors, executives, and coordinators. The hockey program will only be successful so long as there is a commitment to volunteering by each and every family registered in the BRBHA.
Registration Requirement - Volunteering
The BRBHA requires a volunteer commitment as a condition of registration. Our volunteer policy has changed slightly, please read below to familiarize yourself with the policy. By registering a child in our hockey program you understand and agree to abide by the volunteer policy.
Volunteer Objective
The BRBHA desires to create a transparent volunteer program that encourages and recognizes volunteerism from a maximum amount of members to the benefit of the BRB hockey program. To encourage a culture of strong volunteerism that makes the BRBHA a better organization.
Volunteer Requirement
For Timbit age players each family will be allocated one bingo shift. For all other age categories each family will be required to volunteer in some capacity as outlined by the team volunteer coordinator. Team volunteer opportunities are available with on ice assistance, team manager, clock and score keeper duties, tournament coordinator, social coordinator, team Bingo shift volunteer to name just a few. Families are expected to volunteer with each team their child is on to the required minimum commitment as outlined in your team meeting at the start of the season. Failure to volunteer will result in your volunteer bond cheque being cashed by the association.  If you have a Timbit and older player you must work your Bingo shift for your Timbit player and volunteer for the other team(s) where you have players.
Volunteer Bond
The BRBHA requires a volunteer bond from all member families in the form of an undated cheque payable to the BRBHA for $200.  These cheques will be collected by the Teams and submitted to the BRBHA by October 31. This cheque will be destroyed once the completion of your volunteer commitment is confirmed. A volunteer bond is required for each team where a family has a child playing and applies to all age categories. For example, if you have children on the same team then only one cheque is required, for three children on three different teams then three cheques will be required.
Facility Bingos
As a condition of receiving our current ice allocation from the Bowness Sportsplex, we are committed contractually in providing the required volunteers for the Bowness Community Association’s bingo during the hockey season.  In order for the Bowness Sportsplex to continue to operate and stay open, the income from the bingo operation is necessary.
October 15 – March 31 Bingos
Bingos occurring between these dates will be allocated to individual Bow River hockey TEAMS from the Novice to Midget age groups. Each team will be responsible for providing the necessary volunteers (4) for their bingo date.
September 1st - October 14th & March 1st- June 30th Bingos
Bingo Exemptions
There are no longer any BINGO EXEMPTIONS in Timbits
ALL Timbit families are required to do one bingo. These bingo dates will be emailed to you.
Bingos are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 5:00PM to10:00PM at the Bowness Sportsplex and is a smoke free environment
Working Bingos in lieu of Registration Fees
Bingos can be worked in lieu of registration fees only during the period of April 1 – August 31 each year. A $50 credit will be applied for each facility bingo worked during this period over and beyond the required Facility Bingo.
Volunteer Buyout
The cost of the volunteer buyout is $300. This option is available to you to purchase as so you will not be required to do any volunteering whatsoever. A portion of every buyout goes to help assist the BRBHA with funding for kids in need within our Association.  
Dressing Room Rule for Peewee & Older Players
Please be aware of the Hockey Calgary bylaw 17 (e) which BRBHA is obliged to follow during evaluations and beyond
From the age category of Pee Wee and older, separate change facilities must be utilized by all female players (or male players if they are in the minority) before and after all ice times. They may join their teammates in the dressing room after all players have completely changed. Failure to comply with this rule may result in suspension of the head coach for a period of at least one game.



Registration for House league is different that Streamline Novice & Atom.
We will be using GOALLINE for registration of our House Leagues



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